About Us

About Us

From our very humble beginnings back in 1970, Ponton Industries, Inc. was founded on the core principals of superior service, outstanding products, and service oriented personnel.  The foundation of what these men built carries on today in our commitment to our customers.

Today we specialize in providing our customers with complete solutions to their flow, level, temperature, pressure and process control requirements in all of California & Western/Southern Nevada.

Our staff is the most experienced in their field and we pride ourselves on superior customer service.  Our focus is to support you from product selection to start-up and commissioning.  Our commitment to our customers is to make it as easy as possible to do business with us and to provide the latest, most reliable and most cost-effective technologies to solve your measurement and control applications. Contact our team and we will gladly “Walk The Pipe” with you.



Martin H. Ponton
Ponton Industries, Inc.