Heading North!

When my father, Tom Ponton, founded Ponton Industries in 1970, his goal was to build a manufacturers’ representative organization that would cover the traditional Southern California MANA, (Manufacturers’ Agents of North America), territory. It wasn’t long until many of our factories were asking us to expand to either Northern California, Arizona, or both. My father steadfastly refused. In his opinion the infrastructure that would be necessary to man a remote office was too costly and would inevitably lead to that branch forming a representative company of their own. Keep in mind that back then just getting a phone to ring in a remote office was a complicated and expensive endeavor.

Fast forward to 2015! Technology now makes working remotely simple and efficient. VoIP, Cloud Servers and Virtual Extensions are truly revolutionary. At Ponton Industries we’ve invested in these technologies. This has allowed our Inside Support Team to be located in multiple states! Given today’s technology there is no need for multiple “brick and mortar” offices. Now our team can be located very close to our customers in order to better serve their needs.

The planets have aligned! In late 2014 Siemens Process Instrumentation, Siemens Large Drives, and Hach/Sigma Sampler divisions approached Ponton Industries simultaneously requesting that we expand our organization to Northern California and Western Nevada. With three leaders in their respective fields; process instrumentation, variable frequency drives, and wastewater sampling equipment, the opportunity was too good to pass up. Effective May 1, 2015, Ponton Industries is now the exclusive manufacturers’ representative for these Siemens and Hach divisions in all of California and Western Nevada. We also have Hawaii for Hach.

We’re very excited about our opportunity to grow and serve our customers statewide.

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