Guaranteed to Solve Your Pump Station Ragging issues AND Lower Your Electrical Costs!

Bet you couldn’t wait to read about Clearwater Controls’ DERAGGER that I mentioned on my last Blog!

Okay that may be a little over zealous of me.

As mentioned in our last blog post Ponton Industries has had the good fortune to bring to market new products and technologies whose value to the customer is so compelling that customer simply must own the product.  Typically these products are based on a revolutionary new technology that addresses an application that either couldn’t be solved before or was addressed by using an inferior solution.   Fluid Component’s thermal mass flow meter and Hach’s LDO dissolved Oxygen analyzer are good examples of these break through instruments.

Then there comes along an instrument that uses relatively common technology but is applied in such a way that it solves a problem that no one thought was solvable.  It’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” moments.  Simple yet elegant!

This is how I would classify Clearwater Controls’ DERAGGER II pump controller.

The problem:

Sewage pump stations need constant maintenance to clean fowled pumps of diapers, personal wipes and a myriad of other debris found in our sewage collection systems.

I’m sorry I didn’t forewarn you this blog shouldn’t be read during your lunch break!

The solution:

Clearwater Controls’ DERAGGER II.  In its most basic configuration the DERAGGER II simply monitors the current going to the motor of a lift station pump and when the motor’s amperage starts to increase from a baseline reading, taken when the pump is clean, the DERAGGER II stops the pump and spins it backwards for a few seconds.  This clears the impeller of debris and allows the pump to restart in a clean state of operation.

Here’s a video showing how it works:  DERAGGER II  Caution please do not watch while eating!

There are two immediate benefits to installing the DERAGGER II: 1) Eliminates the need to have crews pull pumps to clean them and 2) the pumps operate more efficiently because they’re clean.  We’ve documented energy saving of over 50%!

That’s a pretty outrageous claim.  How on earth can we save our customers over 50% on their electricity usage?  Here’s how.  Elimination of ragging means your pump runs more efficient typically saving 5 to 10 percent of the amps going to the motor but that’s only part of the story.  Since the pump is clean it can pump more water, since it can pump more water run time is drastically reduced.  That’s where the savings come from!  Your pumps literally run half as much because they’re clean.  This saves electricity but also drastically increases pump life and reduces repairs.

The trifecta of pump station controls!

ROI for this instrument/controller is in months if not weeks!

The DERAGGER II can be installed on pumps that are started across the line, started by a reduced voltage soft start or even controlled by a VFD.

There are also many other benefits to the product such as being able to determine when your pump needs preventative maintenance, lift station odor control, run dry protection, VFD power savings and calculating the electrical dollars per MGD.

We offer a turnkey installation of the DERAGGER II in your pump station and will guarantee your satisfaction.

One of the largest municipalities in Southern California is using the product with great success.

Call us for references and a no obligation quote for your DERAGGER II!

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