Just another revolutionary product. Ho hum!

Now that I have the bar set low I’m going to introduce you to a new technology that is going to make you rethink the way continuous water analysis is done.

In the last edition of the Pontificator I made this comment:

“As mentioned in our last blog post Ponton Industries has had the good fortune to bring to market new products and technologies whose value to the customer is so compelling that customer simply must own the product.  Typically these products are based on a revolutionary new technology that addresses an application that either couldn’t be solved before or was addressed by using an inferior solution.   Fluid Components’ thermal mass flow meter and Hach’s LDO dissolved Oxygen analyzer are good examples of these break through instruments.”

Well we have the pleasure of representing just such a new and innovative product: The LiquID Station from ZAPS Technologies.

In brief this analyzer can continuously and simultaneously measure in REAL TIME the following parameters:

At the moment, and subject to change, the instrument can measure up to 8 parameters simultaneously dependent upon the water matrix of the sample.   A typical waste water application would measure BOD, cBOD, COD, TSS, Nitrate + Nitrite, Ammonia, Chlorine and more.

The analyzer needs NO REAGENTS, minimal maintenance and provides real time measurements by means of its hybrid multispectral analysis (HMA) methodology.  LiquID uses a rotating optical filter set to cycle rapidly through a range of illumination and detection frequencies hitting the same sample with a variety of different light waves to collect measurements of multiple water constituents.

These light frequencies range from the deep ultraviolet through the visible band into the infrared.  They are selected to represent the major constituent groups within the complex water matrix and are configured in each instrument to the parameter requirements.

The hybrid spectrometer design allows the system to monitor absorbance, fluorescence and reflectance all from the same optical platform.  LiquID uses all three of these independent detection methods in real time.  This is made possible through Zero Angle Photo-Spectrometry (“ZAPS”) and LiquID’s unique proprietary design.

Wow that was a mouthful!

Let’s simplify things a bit.  The best way to appreciate this technology is to see where others have been using it.  Examples of current applications are:

As you can see this instrument redefines the notion of real time analytical monitoring.  The data to control your plant or protect your process is now at your fingertips in REAL TIME!

Don’t be behind the curve.  The EPA is in the process of approving this methodology for a variety of key measurements for both the water and wastewater industries.  Call us to learn more about how to apply the ZAPS LiquID to your process!

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