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Oratech is now Ponton Industries

  Ponton Industries has joined forces with Oratech Controls to serve you better! Since 1979, Oratech Controls, Inc. has been servicing the Northern California, Hawaii and Northwest Nevada area with process control instruments sales and support.  Founded by John O’Rourke and more recently operated by Anton Loof, Oratech Controls, Inc. is proud to announce its…
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Siemens Perfect Harmony GH180-520

I'd like to introduce you to the smallest and most cost-effective air-cooled Medium Voltage VFD on the planet. The Siemens Perfect Harmony GH180-520. But first a little history about the Perfect Harmony medium voltage VFD. The first voltage source cascaded "H" bridge Perfect Harmony drive was introduced by Robicon in 1994 (Siemens bought Robicon in…
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Heading North!

When my father, Tom Ponton, founded Ponton Industries in 1970, his goal was to build a manufacturers’ representative organization that would cover the traditional Southern California MANA, (Manufacturers’ Agents of North America), territory. It wasn’t long until many of our factories were asking us to expand to either Northern California, Arizona, or both. My father…
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Going to do some reminiscing in this chapter of the Pontificator

I was recently privileged enough to be invited to one of our very best manufacturer’s 100th anniversary of being in business.  Cashco, who manufactures an excellent line of regulators and control valves, is located in Ellsworth, Kansas.  The company’s history dates back to the days of A. W. Cash and has taken several turns over…
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Just another revolutionary product. Ho hum!

Now that I have the bar set low I’m going to introduce you to a new technology that is going to make you rethink the way continuous water analysis is done. In the last edition of the Pontificator I made this comment: “As mentioned in our last blog post Ponton Industries has had the good…
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Welcome to our little piece of Blog on Earth.

Having been in the instrumentation and controls business for over 35 years I’ve seen my share of revolutionary and evolutionary instruments come to market. Every so often I have the distinct privilege of representing a company that comes up with a truly game changing innovation whose selling proposition, or owning proposition, depending on which side…
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