Siemens Perfect Harmony GH180-520

I'd like to introduce you to the smallest and most cost-effective air-cooled Medium Voltage VFD on the planet. The Siemens Perfect Harmony GH180-520.

HarmonyBut first a little history about the Perfect Harmony medium voltage VFD. The first voltage source cascaded "H" bridge Perfect Harmony drive was introduced by Robicon in 1994 (Siemens bought Robicon in 2005). In short it revolutionized the medium voltage drive market. Since then there have been over 14,000 Perfect Harmony drives sold worldwide! That's more drives than any other medium voltage VFD topology ever invented!

What makes the Perfect Harmony drive so special? There are many inherent features of the Perfect Harmony drive that are significant differentiators. IEEE-519 compliance with no filters, extremely motor friendly sinusoidal output with no need for filters even at motor cable lengths of 2000ft, high efficiency, power conversion capability - input and output voltages do not have to be the same, integral input isolation transformer - three wires in/three wires out and tested as a complete unit on the factory floor and the capability of the drive to continue to run even with a 30% input voltage sag.

While these were significant accomplishments for medium voltage VFDs of that generation, what makes the Perfect Harmony stand out amongst the competition to this day has been the patented Advanced Cell Bypass option. This amazingly innovative feature allows the Perfect Harmony drive to continue to operate even if a switching component fails. This option increases the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) from an industry leading 55,000 hours to over 110,000 hours! While I'm sure you're thinking this option must cost a fortune the reality is the Advanced Cell Bypass option is extremely affordable and provides a huge value to the owner.

Now back to the topic at hand - The new GH180-520 Perfect Harmony VFD

This new Medium Voltage drive has the same topology and has the same features as the field proven Perfect Harmony products that has been on the market since 1994.

For ratings up to 500HP (70FLA @4000V) the new 520 series VFD provides a very cost effective alternative to using a low voltage solution with all the benefits of a medium voltage drive. Ultra-reliability with our patented advanced cell-bypass option, low up-front capital expenditure (especially when the difference in supply and motor cabling costs for 480V vs medium voltage are taken into consideration), MUCH higher efficiently, power conversion ability with input voltage ratings of 480V to 7.2kV and 2.4kV to 4kV output ratings in any combination! Yes I said 480V input is an option! But here's the kicker………..It measures only 48" Wide! (102"H x 48"W x 40"D)

To put that number in perspective the 500HP GH180-520 is 20" narrower than our Siemens' 18-pulse, 480V W150CP VFD!

Should you want more information, budgetary pricing or to arrange for a lunch and learn please click HERE and let us know how we can assist you.

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